Operation and Support

Technical Support

The technical supporting of business processes have become essential for every organization.
Our service provides ease and cost effectiveness for our clients.

Helpful, Competent and Accessible Helpdesk

Our customer-focused staff is available via phone and e-mail or even personally in our office if requested.

Due to our non-stop online customer service system, users can track the tickets raised by them and their colleagues.

Immediate Incident Treatment

Immediate incident treatment is one of the most important operations requirement. With customized Service Level Agreements (SLA) we guarantee availability, incident treatment and restoring in accordance with our customers’ needs.

Software Updates

These activities ensure that the supported application remains up-to-date and compatible with the rapidly changing world of IT, and thus preserves its value continuously.

Consulting and Development Availability

To answer our partners’ new demands in the fastest possible way, we provide continuous consulting and development capacity that can be used freely within the agreed timeframe.

System Administration

For partners requiring full-range service, we provide system administration with the following customizable operation activities.

Continuous monitoring

All systems operated by INITON are under constant monitoring, therefore our colleagues who are on-call-duty service (0-24) can solve every possible malfunction before anyone else becomes aware of it.

Backup and Restore

We make backups of systems and their data with the desired frequency into INITON’s central backup system and/or into other backup devices (storage, tape library, etc.) provided and managed by our partners. The recovery (restore) process is tested regularly.

Software Update and Additional Components Installation

We execute the software updates and install additional components that are needed to operate the application and for the operating systems of the servers (database management system, application server, etc.) in pre-arranged dates if necessary.

Fine Tuning and Performance Optimization

Especially after go-live, we pay special attention to the fine tuning and performance optimization of the system and tackle possible performance issues even if they are not revealed during the testing process or caused by users’ or service providers’ mistakes.

IT Infrastructure Services

We offer our high-availability application hosting services for the systems developed by us and to third-party delivered solutions as well.

Main parameters:

  • cloud-based, virtual and/or dedicated infrastructure
  • Hungarian, other European or North American data centers

Related value-added services:

  • network perimeter security
  • log utility
  • central backup
  • load distribution
  • geo-redundant operation

In order to offer more comfort to our partners we can provide domain, mail and newsletter sending solution as additional services.

Network Security

Nowadays news about IT Security are dominated by cyber-attacks. Our network security portfolio includes the installation and operation of the following solutions to prevent such abuses:

  • firewalls
  • intrusion detection and protection (IDS / IPS)
  • protection against Denial of Service attacks (DoS, DDoS)
  • antivirus systems, spam filters
  • WAN link balancing
  • virtual private networks (VPN)
  • secure Wi-Fi (for both internal and external users)
  • internet access monitoring

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