Software Development

New Solutions, Integration, Legacy

During development of business applications, we create perfectly fitting systems to unique needs ranging from smartphones, industrial devices to high availability server clusters.
Our specialty is the development of MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL based three-layered client-server applications with web-based or native user interfaces.
Based on our partners’ needs, we offer full development service including data migration and system integration services as well.
Our special service is to take over the development and support (optionally the operation too), of inherited (legacy) systems. We begin typically with a short audit phase, which covers both the system’s source code, the database-level features and operative conditions.

Methodology and Frameworks

Development Methodology

As part of our development activity, we use a mixture of traditional „design-driven” and agile software development methodologies which successfully combine:
  • the security of planning ahead
  • the necessary flexibility to meet the changing requirements
In the INITON’s developed systems we pay special attention to automated user acceptance tests that can grant error-free and risk-free Go-live and version changes.
Here you can find more information about our IT system implementation approach.

Application of Frameworks

To optimize implementations, we have developed a JAVA based and a PHP based Framework in recent years.
These frameworks are already containing modules that are able to fit standard functions. For custom implementations, they provide an entry-level code-base that can perform general, repetitive administration tasks.
Due to Framework-based development:
  • Our developers can deal with the actual task, there is no need to re-write and test code parts, as we already have an available bug-free implementation with adequate performance for basic services.
  • In contrast to the partially configurable solutions, the benefits of the custom software development are provided in addition to a significantly shortened development time.
  • The project risk factors are reduced because based on proven technology, our developers are well aware of potential pitfalls and the methods to avoid them.
  • The system prototype can be prepared very quickly, so that the future users are able to test and express their views & recommendations about the system in the early stage of the development process which helps to create the best possible solution.
Main services of our frameworks:
  • object mapping
  • access management
  • time tracking
  • logging
  • status management
  • multi-language support
  • unified user interfaces

Security and Quality

About Security

We are implementing our security system functions according to the Hungarian version (MSZ ISO/IEC 15408-1:2002) of the international Standard (ISO 15408: Common Criteria of Information Technology Security Evaluation) also known as Common Criteria (abbreviated form: CC) and based on that our systems can be certified by any independent external party.

Project Management System

During our projects, we use INITON’s online project management system to handle workflow management, tasks, ideas, change requests, and tests which are also available for our customers.
Thanks to our system:
  • During the design process, all proposals and decisions can be made in a well-documented, retrievable form.
  • Up-to-date information and actual status can be found about every activity of each stage of the development.
  • The result of the testing and the status of the repairs can be viewed immediately.
  • Change requests are well-documented

Applied Technologies

Programming Languages

Android Java PHP

Database Management Systems

MySql Oracle PostgreSQL

Application Servers

Apache Tomcat JBoss Oracle Weblogic

Open Source Portal Solutions

drupal joomla liferay

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