Test management and Post Go-Live management during SAP PM/SM implementation

2020. 03. 06.

Our oil industry client decided to replace the old ERP system at its Hungarian and Slovakian in-house maintenance provider entities. The main focus of the project was to implement the SAP PM and SM modules’ functionality, and also to integrate that into the parent company’s central ERP system, therefore complex developments were completed in FI, CO, MM, WM, SRM and BI modules as well.

Our senior consultant was the test lead in the project, where nearly 80 testers from two countries participated. Key responsibilities were the followings: full planning and execution of the test preparation phase (test environment management, test case, test data and user authorization creation) and leading all relevant test phases (unit, functional, integration, UAT, regression and Go-Live tests). Following the successful implementation project phase, our colleague led the post go-live (stabilization) period as well.

Migration preparation and validation at Magenta

2020. 02. 07.

The Europe-wide ERP consolidation project of Deutsche Telekom arrived at a new rollout during year 2018: the integration of the Austrian subsidiary’s (Magenta’s) SAP relevant processes to the central ERP template has been started.

INITON’s Migration Support Tool (MST) this time again provided effective support to the complex data preparation and data validation tasks. Our colleagues have participated in the data migration related tasks concerning the successful system go-live that took effect in January 2020. INITON provided the migration lead of the project, a business analyst who clarified and detailed the client’s requirements and developers who implemented the defined non-standard requirements.

INITON delivered and operated an automated solution for the preparation of master data, where standard migration methods were not successful, due to data quantity and complexity. Beside that we performed MST supported automated technical validations of migrations done by 3rd parties. These activities resulted in significant human resource and time savings in the project and thanks to that Magenta counts on our team and our solution (MST) during the follow-up projects.

Christmas Magic in 2019

2019. 12. 21.

INITON’s Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Logistic system integration

2019. 09. 15.

As the supply chains are becoming more and more complex, nowadays the demand is emerging for automated collaboration between the different parties’ IT systems.

Our new logistics webservice package was first introduced at 24H Parcel Ltd. who is already using our integrated parcel logistics solution for many years. Thanks to the development, 24H's current and future partners are able to automatically post and track huge quantities of parcels, which provides significant advantages for all parties through its cost and time efficiency.

Hungarian “most wanted” list on

2019. 02. 01.

The Hungarian Police Department announced the renewed website for public warrant of captions and launched the Hungarian “most wanted” list – as reported on their website. INITON was pleased to be able to participate during the conceptual process, and finally conduct the full implementation of the site. In addition to the satisfaction of our partner, we are especially pleased with the positive feedbacks in the online presss.

"The interface is user-friendly and easy to share each person's profile on social media, which is why the police hopes to get search results sooner." (source:

“It’s much easier to submit a notification. The report window appears in one click.” (source:

"Since the launch of the most wanted list on Tuesday, the number of daily criminal reports has tripled and three people have already been arrested," a spokesman for the National Police Headquarters said on M1 channel on Friday. (source: ORFK spokesperson)

Christmas Magic in 2018

2018. 12. 22.

INITON’s Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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InvoiceReporter in production

2018. 07. 13.

On 1st July 2018 – in accordance with the legal deadline – our InvoiceReporter product went into live operation. The solution provides electronic data on the issued invoices to the National Tax Authority’s (NAV) Online Invoice System as an integrated module to the existing invoicing system.
After a thorough preparation period – including comprehensive testing – INITON’s key partner Königfrankstahl Acélkereskedelmi Kft. is using our InvoiceReporter product without any interruption or error messages since the successful Go-Live.

GDPR at Hungarian Police

2018. 05. 24.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union – which came into effect tomorrow – generated exciting tasks for most of the companies and public organizations across Europe.
Our client, the Hungarian Police as one of the largest public administration body in Hungary also handles large amount of personal data of their own employees and citizens as well. As a result of our co-operation the modified data protection policies and privacy information are already available at
The implemented solution provides user friendly access to a large amount of data for the visitors, both on PCs and mobile devices. In addition to visualization functions, the administration of data protection related content can be managed via a user-friendly administration interface by the internal Data Protection Officers.

Security & access management concept for Deutsche Telekom

2018. 03. 30.

As part of its Europe-wide unified SAP implementation project Deutsche Telekom group would like to use a new, future proof and global solution for the SAM (Security & Access Management) area as well. The current approach results different issues such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts and time-consuming user access right provisioning. The handling of these issues caused higher workloads and errors due to manual activities.
Identifying these issues Deutsche Telekom requested our experts – as a part of an international team – to create a feasibility study for role and authorization management. INITON’s contribution will cover business and implementation aspects as well, including processes, governance model, and implementation budget estimation.

NAV online data provisioning: InvoiceReporter

2018. 01. 22.

Due to a new legal requirement from 1st July 2018 the invoice issuing software should be connected to Hungarian Tax Authority’s (abbreviated as NAV) Online Invoice system. Invoices with VAT value over 100,000 HUF (~EUR 320) must be reported real-time to NAV.
INITON’s new product called Invoice Reporter provides a solution for any invoicing software which can’t be extended economically or in time for the data provisioning to NAV. Our solution – as an additional module – can be integrated to almost any invoicing software, and it fully complies with the regulation 23/2014. (VI. 30.) by Ministry of National Economy (abbreviated as NGM), currently available as draft.
If you are interested in our solution we are looking forward to your inquiry.

Electronic transactions at Hungarian Police

2017. 12. 27.

The legal regulations related to electronic transactions in governmental services, should be applied by Hungarian Police as well from 1st January 2018.
The required functionality was planned together with experts from Hungarian Police and INITON’s project team managed its delivery within the agreed timeframe. Then the administrators responsible for electronic transactions learned the new functions and user interfaces by using a dedicated training to ensure the successful go-live and smooth post Go-live period.
The new functions of will be activated on 1st of January.

Christmas Magic in 2017 as well

2017. 12. 23.

INITON Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Takt time-based production support system

2017. 10. 20.

INITON’s PTS (Production Tracking System) solution besides the traditional norm time-based operation, is now able to handle takt time-based production, thus is able to provide the IT support of manufacturing’s lean philosophy.

Regarding technology, the system is Java based, which enables real-time two-way communication between the central server and the Raspberry Pi 3 clients (which are equipped with 10’ screens) by using web socket. The server-side scalability is assured by data base handling.

Expiring certification of invoicing system’s security

2017. 09. 05.

The security certifications of public service providers are expiring at the end of this year. Today, the following companies have the necessary accreditation from NAIH to issue such certifications: Certop Kft., Hunguard Kft., Veritan Kft.
In the recent months, INITON’s employees gained widespread knowledge of the methodologies of these companies and are ready to support the preparation of the audits. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Package distribution and capacity-planning automatization

2017. 07. 27.

Our packaging logistics solution has been upgraded with automatized distribution and capacity-planning functions. Our solution, based on real-time order and traffic data, is able to make plan routes in whole Central Europe. The suggestions can be overruled in every case.
Based on simulations on historic data, our clients can expect much better utilization of their human and vehicle capacities and reduction of shipping costs from implementing our solution.

The renewed website had been launched

2017. 06. 13.

In close cooperation with the Hungarian Police (ORFK), we renewed the most visited website of the Hungarian public administration. The new look of combines the latest design trends with the corporate image of the police. In technical perspective, in a pioneering way, the website was built by using open source components and public web services.
The operation and support services will be provided by INITON like it was before, in within the Government Cloud (Kormányzati Felhő) infrastructure which is provided by NISZ Zrt.

Talend-based data management: Also, in abroad!

2017. 05. 24.

Based on the Hungarian results, one of the foreign subsidiaries has also chosen INITON’s data management service for realizing their ERP system consolidation project.
Similarly, to last year, INITON’s colleagues are using Talend Open Studio to prepare and cleanse the data from SAP modules and several legacy systems, while also validation the data migration performed by a third party.

We participated in FinTechShow2017

2017. 04. 12.

Our Card Fraud Prevention solution got invited to the FinTechShow2017.

During the event, we presented our innovative solution for card fraud detection, which is based on mobile phone location checking.

With the help of Card Fraud Prevention, charge on a credit card can only happen, if the location of the card owner is the same at the card’s. In case this condition is not met the card owner can verify the transaction with a text message.

The presentation can be accessed here:


Production tracking even during the preparation phase

2017. 03. 21.

The Production Tracking System operating in Atlas Copco’s Hungarian factory had been upgraded to be able to handle vertical list systems as well.
By tracking the fully automatized resource supplying lifts, the production supply process can be tracked even before the starting of manufacturing. In case of a problem, the production plan can be modified effectively based on the information provided by PTS

Android-based package tracking

2017. 02. 15.

The newest version of our Android-based package tracking system and the server components providing its operations is out!
One of its new features, that it can be used offline as well. The system is integrated to the currently operating operation supporting system and will be implemented at 24H FUTÁR.

Christmas Magic

2016. 12. 23.

The INITON Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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HUNFINTECH25: We are in!

2016. 12. 08.

After the success of the Big Data Contest, our solution to prevent bank card frauds called Card Fraud Prevention has been chosen as one of the top 25 most promising Hungarian fintech solutions.

Our new approach towards detecting bank card frauds via verifying the location of mobile devices won the jury’s admiration. Our solution automatically enables financial institutions to ensure their clients’ accounts to be charged only if the location of their bank cards’ is the same as their phone’s location. (In the case when this is not true, the clients can authorize the transactions of their bank cards via SMS)

The joint publication of T-Systems and Cisco about the top 25 most promising Hungarian fintech was presented in the T-Systems Symposium and can be downloaded from the webpage of T-Systems Next Generation Banking.

More details on FinTechZone.

New Generation Software Performance Measurement and Optimization

2016. 10. 19.

Long response time is one of the most disturbing problems that can cause significant damages for businesses (losses in revenue, negative effects on market judgement as well as increasing IT and HR costs) on top of the frustration.

Network-monitoring and error detecting tools have developed alongside with the network technologies, but the system management solutions couldn’t keep up as the application architectures became more and more complex (virtualization, cloud computing, micro services for example).

Earlier when INITON’s experts had been asked to solve performance problems, they needed to know the source code and measuring the different components’’ running times were time-consuming.

We have applied the Dynatrace Application Monitoring solution in our related works in the telecommunication and the energy sector and we have gathered excellent results. With the use of this new generation tool, we have performed end-to-end measurements in productive environments ranging from the user’s browser to the database’s layer without disrupting normal operations. We have also managed to analyze processes running in virtual machines (Java as well as .NET). We were able to define the necessary changes that had to be made without accessing the source code.

As a result of the contribution of our experts, significant performance improvements had been obtained.

Self-Service BI in Energetics

2016. 07. 26.

Self-Service BI solutions are living their prime nowadays. The enthusiasm is understandable seeing the functionality of Microsoft Power BI , Qlik Sense , View , and Tableau , though it is important to notice that these software by themselves do not provide solutions to the occurring needs within a corporate environment.

Access control management is essential in an environment of multiple users and in case of handling confidential data. A complex IT environment built up from several systems needs integration. Keeping these requirements in mind, our client has decided to develop an Oracle based central data warehouse in addition to their existing SAP BI system. Data visualization is provided by QlikView’s business version alongside with the previously used tools (IBM SPSS Modeler , Power Pivot ).

Due to the contribution of INITON’s consultants, successful cooperation had been formed between the IT and the Business associates, thanks to which the former group realized the data warehouse and the standard data marts while the latter created the dashboards and received free hands to find new mock-up data marts.

Looking through the accomplished results, we can state that our client has taken an important step to become a data-driven company in accordance with the designated goals.

Determining the Technical Depreciation and Replacement Value of Unified Digital Radio Communication System (EDR)

2016. 06. 30.

EDR was produced primarily for emergency services (police, ambulance service, fire department for example). Determining EDR’s Technical Depreciation and Replacement Value is essential for EDR’s system provider Pro-M Professzionális Mobilrádió Zrt. (Pro-M) and for its owner Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt. (NISZ) to determine their profitability. Our employees have successfully completed this task which demanded deep technical and economic knowledge.

Data Management Within a Leading Telecommunication Company

2016. 04. 19.

One of Hungary’s leading telecommunication company has chosen INITON’s data management service to support the activities related to the consolidation of its ERP system.

Applying the Talend Open Studio, we have managed to prepare and validate data from SAP modules along with numerous other supplementary systems (as well as completing automatized data cleansing tasks) and to validate data migration performed by third parties.

Big Data Contest: Among the Best 5+1

2016. 02. 12.

INITON’s solution to prevent bank card frauds made a hit among the jury of Big Data Contest organized by Magyar Telekom and Kitchen Budapest and was chosen as one of the top 5+1 applications.

Our Card Fraud Prevention solution connects the authorization of executing a transaction with the verification of the client’s mobile device’s location in order to prevent bank card frauds. This way, financial institutions can ensure their clients’ accounts to be charged only if the location of their clients’ bank cards’ use is the same as their location. In the case when this criterion is not met, the clients can authorize the transactions of their bank cards via SMS.

The interview with Mátyás Dobó, Magyar Telekom’s Product House manager and organizer of the Big Data Contest, can be read on the Insiderblog.

Implementation of a Data Warehouse for the University of West Hungary

2016. 01. 11.

We have implemented a data warehouse solution for the University of West Hungary with the integration of the Dormitory Management System’s (DMS) different versions developed and operated by INITON.

The realized functions provide a unified, centralized solution to track finances of the respected dormitories and enables different kinds of reporting options.

Conference Portal for the Budapest Police Department

2015. 12. 07.

The 38th conference of the European capitals’ police commanders will be organized in Budapest by the Budapest Police Department.

INITON won the tender to create a complete web portal related to the conference ( meaning that planning, execution, operation and service will be fully performed by Our company.

Production Tracking Now Based on Raspberry Pi2 As Well

2015. 11. 20.

Our PTS (Production Tracking System) solution is now available on Raspberry Pi2 devices as well, beside the existing Android based clients.

Our new solution’s test run took place in the factory of Atlas Copco – Industrial Technique in Szigetszentmikós where they decided to replace their previously used Android based devices due to the positive results.

Obligatory Data Supply in Invoicing Programs

2015. 10. 20.

As of 1 January 2016, every invoicing program has to have a „tax office data supply control” feature.

In accordance with the legal requirements, INITON has developed this feature in each of its systems that contains an invoicing module and started to deliver it to its clients from today.

We Have Won the Unified Emergency Call System’s (Egységes Segélyhívó Rendszer (ESR)) Webportal Optimizing Project

2015. 07. 20.

The ESR-112 project was launched with the objective to work out a more efficient emergency call handling process and to unify the infocommunication system behind the 112 emergency number in Hungary, just like in the other states of the European Union. Our company won the tender to optimize the Liferoy based web portal that is part of this system.

Newer Preparations for Security Audits of Invoicing System

2015. 04. 24.

A British Telekom számára végzett felkészítési tevékenységünk eredményeképpen újabb hasonló feladatokra kaptunk megbízást. Ügyfeleink választásának köszönhetően e projekt révén immár mindkét nagy tanúsító céggel, a Hunguard Kft-vel és a Certop Kft-vel is sikeresen együttműködhetünk, így a jövőben, hasonló területeken még professzionálisabb szolgáltatást tudunk biztosítani.
As a result of our preparational activities for British Telekom, we have received new, similar assignments. Due to the choice of our clients, we can cooperate with Hunguard Kft and Certop Kft , this way we can ensure to provide an even more professional service in this field in the future.

The Preparation for the Security Audit of British Telekom’s Invoicing System

2015. 02. 25.

The recently modified law related to public utility providers orders the companies’ invoicing systems to comply with the general informational security requirements (the deadline is 30 June 2015).
The fulfillment of these requirements concerning the invoicing system can be certified by an accredited partner of the National Accrediting Body.
British Telekom’s Hungarian subsidiary entrusted Hunguard Kft to complete the tasks linked to the certification while the preparation for the audit will be performed by the associates of INITON.

Atlas Copco: Further Development of the Production Tracking System

2015. 01. 19.

Having the experiences gained from the live-run as well as the newly occured demands, we have prepared and put the more advanced version of the Production Tracking System into work for Atlas Copco– Industrial Technique.

Redmine Support for UNION

2014. 11. 06.

Hungary’s fastest developing company in the insurance market, UNION, provides the IT helpdesk services and administration for its associates as well as for its contracted partners based on Redmine. Thanks to our relevant Redmine competencies, references and multiple years of experience, UNION has chosen our company as a consulting partner.

Local Server Operation in the chain stores of Szakál-Met-Al Autóalkatrész Kereskedelmi Kft

2014. 09. 01.

Szakál-Met-Al Kft. , one of the most significant player in the auto parts business in East-Central Europe, entrusted our company with the operation and service of its servers supporting the operation of its chain stores.

Transcoding Scheduler System Under Development in Cooperation with Artklikk

2014. 06. 20.

Artklikk Kft. made an objective to create a real-time video-transcoding system with the most favorable price to value ratio based on the processors in its graphics cards.

Our associates participated in this project to realize the transcoding scheduler system.

The First Stage of Improving is Complete

2014. 05. 05.

Our associates handed over the improved version of the official portal of the Hungarian Police. The portal has been developed based on the experiences gained since its first go-live and on the newly occured demands. The most important new features, beside the numerous changes affecting the public site and the administration area, are the option to upload CVs, to publish information of general interest and the created projects menu.

Successful Evaluation of ÉMOP, KMOP Tenders

2014. 04. 14.

In cooperation with MAG Zrt , we have successfully finished the evaluation of the formally acceptabe applications received within the framework of Electronical Public Administration Operative Program (EKOP) and the Central-Hungarian Operative Program (KMOP) that are part of the New Széchenyi Plan. Our advisory activities’ scope was the preparation of the eligibility evaluations of the applications as well as doing other supporting advisory tasks.

Let’s Meet at the Optional Conference

2014. 03. 31.

„It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."
Edward W. Deming
The motto of the Optional Conference 2014, being about agile project management methods and techniques, sounds exciting even by itself.
But it will be worth visiting INITON’s booth as well because apart from a great professional talk, among those who fill in our survey about agile project management, a tablet will be drawn.