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Started as a custom software developer team in 2001, today’s INITON is one of the innovative, dynamically growing IT solution providers in Hungary. To date, we have delivered more than 250 projects successfully, have more than 70 completely satisfied clients, and are still driven by a young, dynamic and innovative team.

Our mission is simple: we want to increase our partners' operational efficiency and business success with optimal IT solutions.

We provide a complete solution to our partners from the birth of a business need to the fully operating IT solution including service support. The project’s success is our main priority.

Our operations are based on internationally recognized methodologies, our own Research & Development activity and decades of prior experience. We strive to maximize our partners’ satisfaction by delivering successful solutions.

In the recent years, we have successfully expanded our activities within the European Union (e.g. Germany, France) and in the United States. Our biggest reference works are deriving from the fields of Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Industry and Commerce, Energetics, Higher education and Administration. However, thanks to different smaller projects, we have prior experience in every significant sector.

We have long-term relationships with key IT companies in Hungary and we fulfilled several prior professional roles in different organizations.

We believe that our concept and portfolio will meet your expectations, and we can work together to achieve our jointly set goals.

Our values

The most important core values of our company are the following:

  • expertise
  • reliability
  • continuous improvement
  • customer focus
  • openness
  • excellent quality of work
  • dynamism


Tamás Kókai, CEO

Tamás was born in 1975. He studied Information Technologies at ELTE Faculty of Science from 1993 to 1999 and in parallel, Accountancy at College of Finance from 1997 to 1999. Afterwards he worked on his PhD degree at ELTE Doctoral School in from 2000 to 2004. He is one of the founders of INITON and the CEO from the beginning.

Tamás is responsible for evolving and executing company’s strategy, he has an important role in utilizing INITON’s services and take care of relationships with customers. Thanks to his research area, his almost two decades of professional experience and his experience in foreign cultures, he has up to date knowledge in technical and business functions and he likes to participate in challenging projects.

Szilvia Horváth, Director of Business Development

Szilvi graduated from Budapest Business School, Faculty of Finance and Accountancy as an economist, however, she already showed a lot of interest in Information Technologies. During her studies, she spent a year in New York – where she looked outside of the economic and IT world – and she met anthroposophy and basics of Waldorf education.

Her first job was in a domestic IT and management consulting firm, where she gained a wide range of consulting experience and – after she reached the senior then the managerial level – finally became a partner in 2009.

She was looking for new challenges in 2015, that is why she joined INITON as Director of Business Development. Besides her main tasks, she is actively involved in the implementation of projects, recruitment of future colleagues as well as in INITON’s continuous internal development.

Szilvi’s strategic objectives in INITON: build a company where the well-selected, outstanding Team is providing excellent IT solutions for domestic and international market; build an environment where the employees take pleasure in their work in which they constantly improve and from which they benefit.

She gained her consulting experience primarily during ERP, CRM and IS-U system implementation and BPR implementation projects. In terms of industries she has deep knowledge in energy and ICT sectors.

In recent years Szilvi continuously gained experience of agile project implementation, which was finally reinforced by an SCM (Certified Scrum Master) degree.

In her private life Szilvi likes to travel, practices Yoga, reads books and spends her time with family and friends.

Benjámin Szabó, Director of Finance

Benjámin was born in 1977. He studied Technical-Economic Informatics at BMF Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1996-2000 and afterwards earned his Company Management degree from Corvinus University Management Faculty in 2001-2005. He is a member of INITON since 2005. Previously, during his studies, he gained experiences in the field of logistics and he also worked as a technical product manager at a Hungarian multinational company.

Benjámin is in charge of INITON’s financial matter and internal operations. His interests are not far from the operations of INITON, so he enjoys fulfilling smaller roles when it comes to software development projects or other operational tasks.

Managing financial processes, running the controlling system of INITON, the administration of suppliers’ and buyers’ contracts and HR relevant tasks are mainly in his focus.

Benjámin’s goal: governing INITON successfully by keeping the already achieved results and by exploiting the upcoming economic opportunities. He also wants to provide optimal support for INITON to make it a significant player in the IT sector, even on global levels.

Benjámin mostly likes to spend his free time with his 3 children. He likes cooking, gadgeteering, dancing and playing the guitar. He listens to rock and classical music, reads belles-lettres and loves everything that contains some refined humor.

Bálint Boszkovics, Director of Consulting

Bálint earned his finance degree from Corvinus University of Budapest and Universitá Commerciale Luigi Bocconi of Milan. He was an active member of the student organization AIESEC International for two years.

Bálint started his consultant career in the autumn of 2008 at a Hungarian-owned IT and management consulting company. In 2010 and 2011 he worked for one of the Big4 consulting firms and then he changed back to a Hungarian-owned consulting company again. Bálint joined INITON in the summer of 2015 as Director of Consulting.

In the past 12 years Bálint has gained widespread experiences in supporting and leading ERP system implementation, business process review and organization transition projects. Bálint gained his most significant industry experiences in telecommunication, energy and logistics sectors.

Géza Benkő, Senior Systems Engineer

Géza graduated from High School as a computer technician, right after that he started studying as mechanical engineer but soon he realized that he would rather be an IT Engineer. During his university years, he was in charge of the IT infrastructure in a Hungarian wholesale company as a system administrator and later became the IT lead. He learnt the full spectrum of IT operations, including various device management approaches, user support, business-process management, software- and system implementation as well as IT management through the coordination of his team.

Géza joined INITON in 2011 where he started as a system administrator again; participated in complete IT system implementations, full migrations, providing support to customers. He was finally promoted to Divison Manager of Operations. Géza still prefers to participate in projects as operative member although he is more and more involved in INITON’s management challenges. Géza is supporting his colleagues, he is communicating with customers, he is playing an important role in design and implementation of normal-, critical-, or even high-availability systems.

He is a real gadget-geek, cares a lot about open-source technologies and sometimes he also supports them. Since IT and computers are also his hobbies – if he receives family’s approval – he deals with home-IT projects. Main areas of his expertise are IT security and automation. Géza frequently visits meetups, conferences, professional events.


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